About Me.

Mary Kate Calvert was born in 1923 and was the only child of Steven Lamb and Catherine (Kate) Britt of Dunnstown. She was named after her Grandmother. She was brought up on a small farm, milking cows and growing vegetables. She was only four when her father tragically died.She moved to Seymour Crescent with her mother Kate Lamb when Mary was around 20 years of age and continued to reside there for another 70 years. Mary became a mothercraft nurse and spent her working life at Ballarat Base Hospital, she enjoyed the piano and attending dances, this is where she met the love of her life Albert Calvert. Mary and Albert courted for a time but went their separate ways as their religious beliefs would not allow them to marry.

Many years later as fate would have it, Mary and Albert were reunited, they got married and spent as Mary would have told it”The Happiest Days of Her Life” Unfortunately, Albert died unexpectedly after only a few years which left Mary devastated.

Mary was a very independent woman and managed her own affairs up until her 90th Birthday with the kindness and help of her neighbours Kim and Paul Nestor, who have now dedicated Mary’s on Seymour to the life and love of Mary Kate Calvert.

We hope all of our Guests have a great story of their own to share one day.